GRI Sector Standard for Mining Under Development

Mining has been confirmed under the GRI Sector Program as the next standard to be developed, primarily based on the environmental impacts of the sector, often concentrated in and around extraction sites. In addition, the impacts of mining operations stretch across social dimensions – including human rights – and economic factors, such as mineral exports and employment creation.

Following the appointment of working group members, the draft Sector Standard for Mining will be created during 2022-23, including a global public comment period, with an expected release date in Q3 2023.

GRI Sector Standards are planned to cover 40 sectors, with those with the highest sustainability impacts being initially prioritized. The first completed Sector Standard – for oil and gas – is expected in October, while plans for standards covering coal, agriculture, aquaculture, and fishing are at an advanced stage.

Sector Standards will help organizations increase their transparency, by focusing reporting on the issues that matter most. They will drive global consistency in the way companies within sectors disclose their shared impacts, illuminating how their actions can promote sustainable business practices.